Water Type Pokemon – A Know It All Guide

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Pokemon are fictional characters created by three companies – Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak. They are also known as Pocket Monsters in Japan. These creatures come in all shapes and sizes. They live in the wild or alongside humans and are meant to be captured by humans, known as Pokemon trainers. They are caught by the trainers to be trained to battle each other for sport.

water type pokemon

Pokemon do not speak. They can only mention their names. As they continue with their adventures, the Pokémons level up, grow and become more experienced. They also evolve into stronger Pokémons in some cases. Today, there are more than 700 creatures that exist in the Pokémon universe. In this article, we shall discuss everything related to the Water type Pokemon.

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The Water Type Pokemon

There are 133 water-type Pokemon in the Pokemon universe, as of generation VII. This makes them the most common type among the 18 types of Pokemon. These type of Pokemon are mostly based on creatures that live on the water or use water for their living. Most Pokemon of type water have more than 1 type. This is to represent the biodiversity of marine creatures in real life. Most Pokemon of these kind use water for their attacks. If not, they use a trait for an attack that can only be done by a marine animal like a clamp or razor shell, etc.

Types of Pokemon Water-Type

As mentioned before, there are about 133 Pokemon of type water in the Pokemonverse. Names of some of the well-known and pure Pokemon of this type are – Blastoise, Seel, Squirtle, Poliwag, Wartotle, Krabby, Horsea, Psyduck, Seaking, Golduck, Goldeen, Kingler, Croconaw, Feebas, Vaporeon, etc.

The Primary Water-Type Pokemon

There are about 53 primary Pokemon of this type available in the Pokemon world. Some of them are – Slowpoke, Poliwrath, Starmie, Lapras, Lanturn, Wooper, Marill, Cloyster, Marshtomp, Swanna, Keldeo, Tapu Fini, etc.

Are There Some More?

Yes, there are more Pokemon of this kind. While some are secondary water types, like Omastar, Spheal, Binacle, Walrein, Wimpod, Volcanion, etc. There are such Pokemon who also have an alternate form other than water. Some of them are – Mega Blastoise, Castform, Wishiwashi, Primal Kyogre, etc.

water pokemon


What Can Defeat A Water type Pokemon?

This type of Pokemon can be defeated by a grass-type, electric-type, and a Dragon-type Pokemon.

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Which type of Pokemon is the Water Pokemon strong against?

A water type Pokemon is good against the fire-type, rock-type, steel-type, and the Ground-type Pokemon.

Are There Any Water-Fire Combination Pokemon?

Yes. Volcanion, a mythical dual type of Pokemon who has both the fire and water properties exists in the Pokemon world. Volcanion cannot evolve or form into any other type of Pokemon and was introduced in Generation VI. Volcanion is maroon in color, has pointed ears, blue eyes, and blue interiors. It has four diamond-shaped bumps on its chest that are yellow in color. It also has a short and tapering tail on its back.

It is known to attack by sending out high-pressure steam from the arms that are present on the back and then disappear into a dense fog. Volcanion is believed to live in the mountains where humans do not visit often and the steam that it expels has the capability to blow away entire mountains. Erupting steam is the signature move of Volcanion. Volcanion, when it runs of water, cannot play any Water-type moves until it refills its water tank.

Can Gyarados Fly?

There is no specific evidence that Gyarados can fly. While some believe that it can, some are of the notion that they can’t. In the Pokemon games, Gyarados has been shown as “floating”, while in the anime series, it has been shown to use the Twister. The Gyarados has “Dragon-like” qualities and can participate in sky battles. But there is no concrete proof of it flying.

Are There Any More Unique Water Combination Pokemon?

Yes. There are Frillish and Jellicent, who are Pokemon with a water and ghost type combination. Lotad, Ludicolo, and Lombre are water-grass combination Pokemon. Empoleon is a water-steel combination Pokemon.

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10 Best Water-type Pokemon

The top 10 Pokemon spread across all the seven generations include:

1. Blastoise – Exists since the first generation and has a huge fan base

2. Gyarados – It has a high attack power and a special defense

3. Greninja – Speed is its best point and when it turns to Ash-Greninja, its stats on speed, special attack, and attack improve

4. Kyogre – A legendary Pokemon from the third generation, the Kyogre has the power to expand seas and oceans

5. Empoleon – This Pokemon is a water and steel type Pokemon with great special attack and defense

6. Lapras – One of the coolest water and ice type Pokemon who is not only powerful but also intelligent

7. Swampert – A water and ground type Pokemon that can predict storms, swim super fast, and also has a strong physique

8. Vaporeon – A water type Pokemon from the first generation, this one evolved from Eevee and is known for its special attack attributes

9. Feraligatr – A 2nd generation Pokemon, it is known for its strength, speed, and agility

10. Suicune – A pure-water Pokemon and one of the first roaming legendaries, it can purify water


There is plenty of water type Pokemon in the Pokemonverse. This makes it quite difficult to choose the top 10 among them. Each one has a different attack and defense mechanism and a special attack attribute. Our list above is based on the fan following, the legendary type, and their attack and defense mechanisms. You can ping us anytime for any queries.