Pokevision App Download-Latest Update (Android and iOS)

Whenever it comes to enjoyment, the very first thing which strikes our mind is games, and no doubt, if there is a discussion over games, “Pokemon Go” is a name which nobody can forget.

We all are familiar enough with “Pokemon Go”. But a million dollar question is, “What is Pokevision?” Well, no issues. Here comes the answer.

Pokevision is an app which helps you to track Pokemon in the game “Pokemon Go”. The app uses the Niantic API to grab the location of all Pokemon near your location and display them on the map in real-time. This means if it is displayed on the map, you can go out and catch them.

One thing you must remember that rarer Pokemon have a shorter appearance time so they might despawn, you have to be quick and keep an eye on their timers.

It was all about the introduction of the New Pokevision app. The app is very popular, yet many people have doubts regarding the installation process on different devices and use of the Pokevision app. We are here to clear all your doubts and queries.

Here we go!

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Pokevision App Features

  1. It is a free application which you can use on their website and you can download the app from the link given below.
  2. By just typing the name and location of the Pokemon then it will show you the Pokemon location.
  3. You can track the Pokemon and catch them to your inventory.
  4. To use the website version then you can go and search in Google and you should turn on the location then it will find the Pokemon for you.
  5. The application can also use in the same way and it is free.
Name of the AppPokevision
PublisherExtra Pop
Official URLhttp://pokevision.pro/
Supported Operating SystemAndroid
Minimum RequirementAndroid 2.3.2+ (Gingerbread, API 9)
Current Version1.0.23
Date Published
Download File Size1.5 MB
FeaturesBest to catch rare Pokemon
File Size1.5 MB

How to Install Pokevision on Android?

To install Pokevision on Android, you will need to make sure Unknown Sources is checked ON in Settings to install APK files. You can also use a file explorer app such as ES File Explorer, available on the Play Store for free, to install these apps.

Step 1: Launch the Chrome browser on your Android device.

Step 2: Search for “Pokevision 2018 APK” and download it.

Step 3: Install it using any third party file manager.

Once you have done with the third step, after installation, the app is ready to use. You can enjoy the app and track the Pokemon of your area.

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How to use Pokevision to Catch Pokemon?

After knowing about the installation of the app on Android and iOS, the million dollar question which arises is that, “how to use Pokevision app to catch Pokemon?” Well, here comes the answer.

It’s not at all difficult to find Pokemon via Pokevision app. Just follow the steps given below and you will be able to track Pokemon in your nearby area.

Step 1: Click anywhere on the map to drop a location marker. After placing a marker, press scan to reveal Pokemon nearby.

Step 2: Use the Search Bar to enter your location (or a location you wish to scan) and hit enter. You can then click Scan. If there are Pokemon nearby, they will display on the map along with their appearance time.

So, you just have followed the above mentioned two steps to track Pokemon in nearby areas.

The most important thing which you must know about the app is that as long as the timer has not reached 0, the Pokemon are actually there and in real-time. So, you can manage your time and find Pokemon accordingly.

Didn’t like Pokevision? Check out its Cool Alternatives.

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How to install Pokevision on iOS?

Step 1: Launch Safari web browser on your iPhone/iPad running on iOS 11.

Step 2: Search for “Pokevision 2017 for iOS 11”.

Step 3: Install it and launch Pokemon Go.

You just have to follow the above mentioned three steps to install the Pokevision app. Once you have completed the installation, follow this guide on How to Use Pokevision on an iOS device.

Pros and Cons of the New Pokevision and Pokemon Go


  • The players will experience more physical activity.
  • People will socialize more with their peers.
  • You can also earn money with the help of the app, this is actually very impressive.
  • The game is a bridge between different generations.
  • It can help you to develop an adventurous spirit.


  • If a kid playing the game, he/she can get lost.
  • Children need strict supervision.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. How come I see some Pokemon in the game but not on your map?

A1. Pokemon that spawn due to lure/incense are not visible on our map since those Pokemon are visible only to you.

Q.2. Can I scan anywhere?

A2. As long as it is an area where Pokemon Go is serviced, yes. Please keep in mind we have a small delay between scans so that requests do not spam the servers. Scans take around 5-15 seconds depending on the density of the area.

Q.3. Are the Pokemon displayed actually there?

A3. Yes – as long as the timer has not reached 0, the Pokemon are actually there and in real time. So, now as you know about the timer, you can actually manage your time and find the Pokemon accordingly.

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Best Pokevision Alternatives

It is not so that you should only use Pokevision app to track the Pokemon, there are many alternatives available.

Some of the alternatives are listed below:

  1. Go tools for Pokemon Go
  2. Poke eye
  3. Poke Huntr
  4. Pokemon map
  5. Poke finder
  6. Poke mesh
  7. Poke VS
  8. Poke Radar
  9. Poke alert
  10. Poke detector

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Final words

Here in this article, we have shared each and every detail about the New Pokevision app. We have covered the installation process for various operating systems, use of the Pokevision app, Pokevision alternatives and other relevant details which one could require.

We tried our best to share as much as information about the Pokemon Vision as we could in brief. If you still have any doubts or queries regarding the app or any detail about the app, just feel free to ask us. If you know something more about the Pokevision app, definitely share with us. We will be glad to have a two-way conversation.

Hope the content must have helped you to a great extent.