Pokemon Vega Download and Walkthrough [Latest Version 2020]

Pokémon Vega, one of the toughest Pokémon Fire Red hack is an authentic hack developed by Japanese authors in their native Japanese language which was later translated into English so that it could be followed by people from all over the world. Pokemon Vega was released in March 2016 by Dr. Akimbo. Playing this game would bring you to a different place altogether, giving you goosebumps at every stage, adding a thrill to your life and make you come back to it when you are tired.

A real game fan would never miss this exciting game ever in their life and to the entire Pokémon fan out there, the game is a must-play for you all too. The game is a continuation or a follow-up of its previous versions, namely Pokémon Altair and Pokémon Sirius. The game is a gift to all the gamers and the fans and will only leave you in surprise with the package that it offers.

Features of Pokemon Vega

Pokemon Vega has some amazing features to show, and the authors have worked even on the smallest of the details of the game, giving their best to develop the game so as to satisfy the gamers from all over the world.

Starting from the music of the game to the graphics, and adding new characters, the authors have tried to make an improvement in every aspect of the game, leaving no pages unturned. The game and the features it holds will provide you with a distinct gaming adventure altogether, which will leave you speechless.

Some of the features of the game are listed below:

  • The game offers thrilling adventures and challenges and you get an opportunity to meet 180 other characters of Pokémon. Not only that, but you also get a chance to meet 56 characters of the latest generation, making you stick to the game by the addition of such features.
  • Pokemon Vega is accompanied by amazing background music and tunes, which tells you that the author has paid attention to the smallest of the details in the game.
  • The game takes you to a totally different region of Tohoku, which is unknown for you which adds an extra pinch of excitement.
  • Various latest moves have been added to the game, the total is 157.
  •  You also get a chance to have a meeting with significant trainers in the game.
  • The game also offers the latest map which is also confusing, making you work hard for finding the desired place.
  • Since the game is one of the most difficult, it will make you feel the thrill and the satisfaction of completing every single level in the game.
  • Coming to the most-awaited and interesting aspect of the game, it consists of Fakemons. Fakemons are sure to make an interesting pair with the Pokémon that you own.

The features discussed above are enough to make you excited about the game. The authors have put efforts to make the best Pokémon game for you, so what’s stopping you. Gear yourself up for one of the most interesting games.

Pokemon Vega Walkthrough

  • The plot of the game is such that it will make you stick your eyes to the game. Since it is a part of the original version; it holds various levels that you have to pass through.
  • The plot begins with you moving in the town of Littleroot and questioned by your professor who was named Mr. Birch to complete the work to order all the latest species.
  • You then go ahead to defeat the two leaders of the gym. After that, you meet team B.H and their head, named Wallace to discuss with them the ideas of peace and harmony. You find out that they are using illegal means to bring peace and you decide to stop them.
  • You go ahead to battle different gym leaders and are successful and defeating them in the battles.
  • You then defeat the final gym leader and are on your way to summon the League. After taking down various other enemies, you move to fight the champion, Wally and end up winning the League.
  • After fighting various different battles, and visiting various cities, finding your way through complex paths with the help of a confusing map, you finally come back to your own place. In there, you meet your father and here begins a road to new experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that can be asked regarding Pokemon Vega.

Q1. How to get past the first gym?

A1. To get through the first gym, there’s a switch hidden beside the window on the backside that alters the destination of the warps of the flowers.

Q2. Where can one find the HM Flash?

A2. You can find it by asking the man who is present on the route 502.

Q3. Where can we find the cut HM?

A3. You can find it by talking to the person who is hiding on the top floor of the Darkness Tower.

Q4. Where in the game is HM strength?

A4. There is a man in the northwest direction of the forest Porcelia. He will inform you about the HM strength.

Q5. How do you get cut in Pokemon Vega?

A5. You get the HM cut in the game by asking the person who is standing at the topmost floor of the Darkness Tower.

Q6.  What level does Rynos evolve? 

A6. Rynos is a character that is ground-type and is a Fakemon in the game. It evolves at the initiation of level 40 of the game.

Q7.  What level does Glachild evolve? 

A7. Glachild, which is a type of ice Fakemon, can be seen evolving into the character Frozaiden at level 20, which later evolves to Aurostice at the 30th level of the game.

Q8. What are the best Pokemon ROM hacks? 

A8. Talking about the best Pokémon ROM hacks, the ROM hacks are the electronic games that have been authorized or edited by the Pokémon lovers and gamers. Through this, enthusiasts across the world are provided with a chance to express their emotions and creativity to people from all over the world.

Some of the best Pokémon ROM hacks are:

  1. Pokémon Ash Gray
  2. Pokémon Glazed
  3. Pokémon Dark Rising
  4. Pokémon Prism
  5. Pokémon Light Platinum

There are various other ROM hacks that have been released by the gamers and are a must-play.


The features that Pokemon Vega holds are enough to make you want to play this game. Be it the composition of the music in the game, or the various characters, the game is a total package for all the game lovers throughout the world. So, what are you wishing for? Go ahead and play Pokemon Vega that is made just for you all. Comment down your queries or you can also visit this thread.