Pokémon Go Tier List – Best Pokemon to WIN the BATTLE [Tier 1,2,3,4,5]

Unlike old times, now it’s not easy to go for the battle in Pokémon Go. As you will need different teams with some best Pokémon with great powers. To go for the gym battles, you will need Pokémon Go Tier List for choosing best attackers and the best defenders. When getting involved in the gym battles, you will need your Pokémon Power. Some best Pokémon is added in the Pokemon Tier List 2019.

pokemon go tier list

To choose from the Pokémon let’s go tier list, you will need to know about the moves of the Pokémon. In both attacking mode and defending mode, the Pokémon moves matter a lot. Pokémon should have high attacking statistics along with some great moves. In total there is 5 Tier of Attacking Pokémon. All the Pokémon in these tier lists has different moves. Some tiers have more Pokémon in comparison to the others.

Sometimes, when you come to choose the best Pokémon it also depends on your use of theTier List. You can also refer to the Pokémon Guides if you are confused about choosing the tier. For some tougher battles, choose the Pokémon wisely if you want to win.

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Tier 1 Pokemon

AppearancePokemonOptical AttacksOptical Moves
Kyogre270Waterfall / Hydro Pump
Machamp234Counter / Dynamic Punch
Karate Chop / Dynamic Punch
Mewtwo300Psycho Cut / Shadow Ball
Rayquaza284Dragon Tail / Outrage
Smack Down / Stone Edge
Bite / Crunch
Groudon270Mud Shot / Solar Beam
Raikou241Thunder Shock / Wild Charge

Tier 2 Pokemon

AppearancePokemonOptimal AttackOptimal Moves
263Dragon Tail / Outrage
Dragon Breath / Outrage
277Dragon Tail / Draco Meteor
Hariyama209Counter / Dynamic Punch
Latios268Dragon Breath / Dragon Claw
Entei235Fire Spin / Overheat
Gyarados237Waterfall / Hydro Pump
Moltres251Fire Spin / Sky Attack
233Confusion / Solar Beam
Bullet Seed / Solar Beam
Confusion / Psychic
Zapdos253Thunder Shock / Thunderbolt

Tier 3 Pokemon

AppearancePokemonOptimal AttackOptimal Moves
Metagross257Bullet Punch / Flash Cannon
261Confusion / Future Sight
271Psycho Cut / Future Sight
Confusion / Future Sight
Gardevoir237Confusion / Dazzling Gleam
Shadow Claw / Shadow Ball
211Rock Throw / Stone Edge
Rock Throw / Rock Blast
Heracross234Counter / Close Combat
Lugia193Extrasensory / Sky Attack
Vaporeon205Water Gun / Hydro Pump
240Counter / Focus Blast
Flareon246Fire Spin / Overheat
Frost Breath / Blizzard
Frost Breath / Ice Beam

Tier 4 Pokemon

AppearancePokemonOptimal AttackOptimal Moves
224Snarl / Foul Play
Jolteon232Thunder Shock / Thunderbolt
239Extrasensory / Brave Bird
Steel Wing / Solar Beam
223Bullet Seed / Leaf Blade
Fury Cutter / Leaf Blade
236Bullet Punch / Iron Head
Fury Cutter / X-Scissor
Swampert208Water Gun / Surf
Latias228Dragon Breath / Outrage
Breloom241Counter / Dynamic Punch
Jynx223Frost Breath / Avalanche
Pinsir238Bug Bite / X-Scissor
Venusaur198Vine Whip / Frenzy Plant
Charizard223Fire Spin / Blast Burn

Tier 5 Pokemon

AppearancePokemonOptimal AttackOptimal Moves
Shiftry200Razor Leaf / Leaf Blade
227Snarl / Wild Charge
Bite / Wild Charge
Ursaring236Counter / Close Combat
181Ice Shard / Avalanche
Powder Snow / Avalanche
Milotic192Waterfall / Surf
Banette218Shadow Claw / Shadow Ball
207Razor Leaf / Leaf Blade
182Rock Smash / Dynamic Punch
Absol246Snarl / Dark Pulse
Rhydon222Mud Slap / Earthquake