Pokemon Go Friends Codes: Friendship Levels, Bonuses and XP

pokemon go friends codes

By now you all have only experienced the gaming zone of Pokémon Go. But now you will get to have a new feature in the world of Pokémon Go. This feature will make the PokémonGo game more interesting. Also, it will help you all in collecting the bonuses as well. So, this new feature of Pokémon Go is Pokemon Go Friends. Let’s know more about this newly added feature.

What is Pokemon Go Friends?

Pokémon Friends is a feature which will help you in making a friend list. You can even add your friends from around the world. With this feature, you get the chances of getting bonuses as well. You can also know about your friends’ game by tracking your friend’s progress. There are many people who have already started using this feature and are enjoying as it provides the benefit of gifting and trading as well. But you can only add 200 friends in Pokémon Go at present.

Benefits of Pokémon Go Friends

Every new feature comes with some additional benefits, and so does in this app also. Here you can read about all:

  • When you will use this feature, you will be able to add your friends. And in addition to that, after adding friends you can also know where your friends are in the game from the level of Trainer to the distance walked by Pokémon, you will be able to track all these things.
  • The gifts which you can use in Pokémon Go game is also available with this feature. It not just allows you to send the gifts but also allows you to receive them if any of your friends gift it to you.
  • You can also trade Pokémon using this feature.
  • As you get to receive the bonus during raid attacks or gym attacks with every friendship level. So, the bonus can be more also depending on your higher friendship levels.

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Why Pokémon Go Friends feature is introduced?

In the month of June 2018, the Pokémon Go Friends feature was introduced. The purpose of this feature is basically to help you in connecting with your friends in Pokémon Go. To access their progress report in the game is also one of the purposes. Other than that, trading Pokémon becomes easy with this feature.

Freinds Codes

The main purpose we see behind this is the Pokémon Go Trainer Battles. As it allows you to instantly battle with your friends. Some other purposes which we can see are like less stardust will be spent while trading. You will be able to receive and give the Pokémon Go Trainer Codes.

How to get more XP through Pokémon Go Friends feature?

So, as we mentioned above that there are different levels of friendship in this app. And with more high level, the bonuses you will receive will be more. The levels are good friend, great friend, ultra-friend, and best friend. Around 40 days’ time period is required to reach the best friend level from the friend level. And every best friend means more XP as one best friend will add 163000 XP. So, more the best friends, more will be the XP’s. That is why it said that Pokémon Go Friends means more XP. So, try to level up more friends in a short span of time. To do this, also note that do not send a gift to that friend whom you have already leveled up. Also, not to open the gift received from a friend whom you have leveled up.


There is one more way of receiving more XP’s. But it is a little complicated one, as there you will have to reach a good friend level. After reaching that status, you have to stop and continue it with your other friends as well.

  • For a Good Friend status, you will receive 3000 XP in one day.
  • For a Great Friend status, you will receive 1000 XP in 7s even days.
  • For ultra-friend status, you will receive 50000 XP in 30 days.
  • And the last one, for the Best Friend status, you will receive 100000 XP.

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How to add the Friend Codes in Pokémon Go?

Adding friend codes in Pokémon Go is not that difficult. You can just follow some simple instructions to do that. Here are the steps:

  • Firstly, tap on your own profile picture.
    Now, got to friends tab. Tap on add friend icon.
  • Now, you will get an option to enter anyone’s trainer code. Also, you will be able to see your own code.

Make sure you have the trainer code if you want to add anyone as your friend in the Pokémon Go.

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Finding and Sharing Trainer Codes

Often players are confused about from where to find and share trainer codes. So, there are different online forums and tweets also from where one can get the trainer codes. You can send messages on these forums or social media pages dedicated to Pokémon Go. Send your code and take benefit of the Pokémon Go Friends Code system.

share trainer code

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Some other Features of Pokemon Friends

  • If any of the friend requests or gift is there, then you will see a red dot in the bottom left of the home screen above the Trainer icon.
  • To compare each friend’s stats or progress you will need to enter the statistics manually, as there is no leader board.
  • You can also assign nicknames to your friends in Pokémon Go Friends and can sort them with their names.
  • You can also turn off the notifications settings if you don’t want to see notifications from friends.
  • If you reach the Best Friend level, you will be able to get the medal also. For 1 best friend, the medal is Bronze. For 2 best friends, the medal is silver, and for three best friends, the medal is gold.
  • If you will change the nickname of the trainer after adding any friend, then it will also impact the bonuses which are applied.