Pokemon Glazed Cheats WORKING in Pokemon Glazed [Latest Version 2020]

The game Pokémon Glazed, one of the most famous and loved Pokémon ROM hack games comes with various cheat codes which help the gamers to make things easy, and also interesting. With the use of various pokemon glazed cheats available in the game, they can also enjoy more, and use full features and also the special abilities and moves that are present inside the game. These also allow gamers to avail of the various types of machines in the game, thereby acts as a perfect way to complete your missions easily and at a faster rate, making the game more intriguing for gamers throughout the world.

The pokemon glazed cheat codes in the game also helps in gaining popularity as it not only attracts the gamers by making the game more interesting but with use of these codes, one can perform various kinds of movements in the game, perform various interesting actions and many other things, making the gamers love the game even more.

3 Awesome Ways to Cheat in the Game

So there are various or many ways by which you can cheat in the game. You can either use the various codes provided to you, or you can also cheat by using codes in VBA-M. The third method of cheating in the game is by using codes in My Boy, which is available in the android version.

1. Using Pokemon Glazed Cheats

By using various codes, you can perform various functions like walking through the walls, which allows you to walk through the solid objects in the game. Other functions include getting unlimited master balls, getting an unlimited number of rare candies, getting infinite trade stones, which allows the gamer to purchase trade stones for free, get an infinite amount of money in the game.

By using the cheat code, you also get the option to choose any wild Pokémon according to your choice. You also need to enable the Master Code to perform this function. And as a reminder for the gamers, you can only use this code once. So, you will need to disable and re-enable it again and again.  You can also lookup for the cheat codes in the Pokémon Emerald to use more of such codes and making the game more interesting.

2. Using Codes in VBA-M

To use codes in VBA-M, you first need to launch VBA-M and load the Pokémon Glazed ROM. VBA-M is a popular method to load ROM files. You then need to click the tools menu on the emulator and then select the option of enabling cheat, which will then allow you to use the various cheat codes.

After this, you need to click on the Options Menu and select the option of “Game Boy Advance”, Real-Time Clock, which is essential for some of the important codes to work in the game. After that, you need to again open the Cheats menu and select the ‘Cheat List’ which will open in the new window.

Then click on the button of ‘Add New Cheat’, which appears as a green bookmark. Now you have to add a description for the code in the game so that you are able to recognize the codes. After this, you need to select the kind of cheat that you need to use.

After copying the cheats, you need to paste them into the field of Codes. Remember to only add a code for a single cheat at once. You can find a list of various codes. You can close the cheat list by using “OK”. Now you are free to use all the Pokemon Glazed Cheats in the game.

3. Using Pokemon Glazed Cheat Codes in My Boy

Here is a Process on How to Use Codes in the My Boy Emulator.

  1. You first need to load the Pokémon glazed ROM in My Boy, which is one of the most popular ways of using the codes in Android.
  2. You then need to select the button representing three parallel lines that you can find at the top of the controls.
  3. Then, from the menu, you need to select “Cheats” which will open a new tab or the Cheat Screen, as it is called.
  4. You are then required to press the ‘+’ sign to add a new cheat and provide the cheat with a name that will enable you to identify it later in the game.
  5. Tap the Cheat code and paste it. The emulator My Boy will identify the type of cheat code that you have entered. Also, you don’t need to manually switch on the real-time clock as it is already managed by the My Boy.
  6. Now you need to save the cheat by using the option of “Save” which will also enable the cheat inside the game.
  7. For a reminder, in this method also you can only apply one cheat at a time.
  8. Now you can try all your new Pokemon Glazed Cheats in the fun and make it more fun and exciting to play.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. How many Pokémon are there in Glazed?

A1. The best thing about this game is the number of Pokémon it has to offer the gamers. In total, there are 40 legendary Pokémon characters, of which all are available for the gamer to capture within the game which makes the game more engrossing and absorbing.

Q2. How do you evolve Riolu in the game of Pokémon Glazed?  

A2. Talking about this Pokémon character, Riolu is very difficult to find and is one in a million kind of creature. There are various methods or ways of evolving the character. One of the methods to evolve Riolu is by raising its happiness. There are various ways in order to do so such as capturing it in a Luxury Ball, having him holding a Soothe Bell, or getting him a massage at Ribbon Syndicate.

There are also other ways to raise his happiness index in the game. Remember to only use him once during the day time and that it can only evolve in the presence of sunlight. The last way to evolve Riolu is to level him up. When his happiness index reaches above 220, it is capable of evolving to the next level. It will evolve into the character Lucario.

Q3. What Pokémon can mega evolve?

A3. Mega Evolution was introduced in the sixth generation. The Pokemon requires special Mega stones for this purpose. There are in total of 28 characters that can mega evolve. Some of which are Venasaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Alakazam, etc.

Q4. Is Pokémon Glazed finished?

A4. No, the game is not finished as of yet. It is still available in the BETA version.

Q5. What level does elekid evolve in Glazed?

A5. Elekid evolves in the game at level 30.

Q6. Can you get Gallade in the game?

A6. Yes, you can get Gallade in the Pokemon Glazed. It evolves from the creature male Kirlia.


The game Pokémon Glazed is in itself a very popular and one of the most interesting versions of Pokémon ROM Hack games. And the Pokemon Glazed Cheats add an extra feather to it by making it more functional and enabling the gamer to use special moves and abilities in order to level up in the game and complete their missions faster. Don’t wait anymore, and go-ahead to play the game which is more than just a normal video game.