Pokemon Emerald Codebreaker Codes: GBA Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald has become one of the most popular Pokemon games in the series and players from all over the world are getting addicted to it. However, if you are stuck on some levels and looking for a solution, you have come to the right place. This guide on Pokemon Emerald codebreaker codes: GBA Pokemon Emerald will help you to get the solutions that you are looking for. Here you can find the codes and also the information that you need to know about the codes.

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Pokemon Emerald Codebreaker Codes

MASTER CODE: (To get following Pokemon)

00006FA7 000A
1006AF88 0007
(Only have 1 selected [along with Master Code] at a time or will not work.)
83007CF6 0191 – Regirock
83007CF6 0192 – Regice
83007CF6 0193 – Registeel
83007CF6 0197 – Latias
83007CF6 0198 – Latios
83007CF6 0194 – Kyogre
83007CF6 0195 – Groudon
83007CF6 0196 – Rayquaza
83007CF6 0199 – Jirachi
83007CF6 019A – Deoxys
83007CF6 00F9 – Lugia
83007CF6 00FA – Ho-Oh
83007CF6 00FB – Celebi
83007CF6 00F3 – Raikou
83007CF6 00F4 – Entei
83007CF6 00F5 – Suicune
83007CF6 0090 – Articuno
83007CF6 0091 – Zapdos
83007CF6 0092 – Moltres
83007CF6 0095 – Dragonite
83007CF6 0096 – Mewtwo
83007CF6 0097 – Mew
83007CF6 008E – Aerodactyl

Infinite Money Cheat

83005E18 270F

Master Code (To get Shiny Pokemon)

Shiny Code

Get Rare Candy

82005274 0044

TYPE THIS FIRST FOR EVERY CODE (with 3 digits anyway)

82005274 0xxx
Then substitute the last 3 digits accordingly:
001 – Master Ball
002 – Ultra Ball
003 – Great Ball
004 – Poke Ball
005 – Safari Ball
006 – Net Ball
007 – Dive Ball
008 – Nest Ball
009 – Repeat Ball
00A – Timer Ball
00B – Luxury Ball
00C – Premier Ball

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Q1. How do you get all three starters Pokemon in Emerald?

A1. Getting all the three starters Pokemon in Emerald will take up a lot of time and effort. It’s because you can get only one starter when you sign up for the game. To get the rest of the Pokemons, you need to go for trading options that have starters apart from the default starter that you have. S, trading is the only option.

Q2. Which starter Pokemon in Emerald is the best?

A2. If you consider strength as the best option to play, then Blaziken is the best option for you. However, if strategy and winning is the most likely option for you, Torchic is the best Pokemon in the Emerald series. It is the best on a game level which will give you the best results. Still, if you want to ask it on forums then you join this discussion.

Q3. Who is stronger Treecko Torchic or Mudkip?

A3. When it comes to choosing the strongest, the first thing that will come to your mind is between Torchic and Mudkip. We will leave out Treecko as the weakest amongst the three. Coming to the latter two, Torchic may struggle a little bit at the first gym. So in such a case, the Mudkip may be a better option. 

Q4. How do you cheat rare candy in Pokemon Emerald? 

A4. You can easily go to the Pokemon Emerald interface and open up the play. Just click on candy and then try out a rare candy cheat code to get the best results. 

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Opting for Pokemon Emerald codebreaker codes excessively may also detect your PC as a bot. In such a case, the owners reserve the right to terminate your account. So be very cautious about using the cheat codes.