Pokemon Crystal Cheats – Gameshark Codes for Game Boy Emulator

Pokemon Crystal Cheats

If you are in love with Pokemon characters, you are probably playing the game and enjoying every bit of it. However, if you want to advance on the game, you need to have a few poke balls, improve your stats and get rare candies. If you are looking for Pokemon Crystal Cheats easily get a hold of these facilities. This guide on Pokemon Crystal Cheats will help you to get the solution that you were looking forward to getting. However, here is a complete guide that you can follow to know about how you can get the pokemon liquid crystal cheats, the benefits and all about Game Shark.

<strong>MSC Pokemon Crystal Gameshark Codes</strong>

Infect a Pokemon with the “Pokemon Virus”
(You can tell your Pokemon is infected by PokeRus by viewing the status of the Pokemon. An infected Pokemon will show PokeRus under its status).
Infect 1st Pokemon 010146DA 9101FBDC
Infect 2nd Pokemon 010176DA 91012BDD
Infect 3rd Pokemon 0101A6DA 91015BDD
Infect 4th Pokemon 0101D6DA 91018BDD
Infect 5th Pokemon 010106DB 9101BBDD
Infect 6th Pokemon 010136DB 9101EBDD

<strong>Walking through Walls</strong>


<strong>How to Modify Key Item?</strong>

For that you have to First Enable Scrolling for Key Items:
This code MUST BE ON for the Key Item Modifier codes.
Enter the code so you will be able to scroll down to all of the key items.
Replace xx with the amount of key-item slots you are using (Legal digits are from 01 to 0C).
Enable Scrolling
01xxE1D5 91xxBCD8

Gold & Silver Crystal
Slot 1 01xxE2D5 91xxBDD8
Slot 2 01xxE3D5 91xxBED8
Slot 3 01xxE4D5 91xxBFD8
Slot 4 01xxE5D5 91xxC0D8
Slot 5 01xxE6D5 91xxC1D8
Slot 6 01xxE7D5 91xxC2D8
Slot 7 01xxE8D5 91xxC3D8
Slot 8 01xxE9D5 91xxC4D8
Slot 9 01xxEAD5 91xxC5D8
Slot 10 01xxEBD5 91xxC6D8
Slot 11 01xxECD5 91xxC7D8
Slot 12 01xxEDD5 91xxC8D8

Don’t FORGET to Replace xx with any of the codes Below:

07 – Bicycle
36 – Coin Case
37 – Itemfinder
3A – Old Rod
3B – Good Rod
3D – Super Rod
42 – Red Scale
44 – S.S. Ticket
45 – Mystery Egg
46 – Clear Bell (Crystal only)
47 – Silver Wing
73 – GS Ball (Crystal only)
74 – Blue Card (Crystal only)
7F – Card Key
80 – Machine Part
81 – Egg Ticket (Crystal only)
85 – Basement Key
86 – Pass
AF – Squirtbottle
B2 – Rainbow Wing

<strong>Always Use Bike</strong>

010182D6 91015DD9

<strong>Fight any of these following Pokemon</strong>

Fight the following Pokemon
91xx04D2 (replace xx with following pokemon codes)
01: Bulbasaur
02: Ivysaur
03: Venusaur
04: Charmander
05: Charmeleon
06: Charizard
07: Squirtle
08: Wartortle
09: Blastoise
0A: Caterpie
0B: Metapod
0C: Butterfree
0D: Weedle
0E: Kakuna
0F: Beedrill
10: Pidgey
11: Pidgeotto
12: Pidgeot
13: Rattata
14: Raticate
15: Spearow
16: Fearow
17: Ekans
18: Arbok
19: Pikachu
1A: Raichu
1B: Sandshrew
1C: Sandslash
1D: Nidoran Female
1E: Nidorina
1F: Nidoqueen
20: Nidoran Male
21: Nidorino
22: nidoking
23: Clefairy
24: Clefable
25: Vulpix
26: Ninetails
27: Jigglypuff
28: Wigglytuff
29: Zubat
2A: Golbat
2B: Oddish
2C: Gloom
2D: Vileplume
2E: Paras
2F: Parasect
30: Venonat
31: Venomoth
32: Diglett
33: Dugtrio
34: Meowth
35: Persian
36: Psyduck
37: Golduck
38: Mankey
39: Primeape
3A: Growlithe
3B: Arcanine
3C: Poliwag
3D: Poliwhirl
3E: Poliwrath
3F: Abra
40: Kadabra
41: Alakazam
42: Machop
43: Machoke
44: Machamp
45: Bellsprout
46: Weepinbell
47: Victreebell
48: Tentacool
49: Tentacruel
4A: Geodude
4B: Graveler
4C: Golem
4D: Ponyta
4E: Rapidash
4F: Slowpoke
50: Slowbro
51: Magnemite
52: Magneton
53: Farfetch’d
54: Doduo
55: Dodrio
56: Seel
57: Dewgong
58: Grimer
59: Muk
5A: Shellder
5B: Cloyster
5C: Gastly
5D: Haunter
5E: Gengar
5F: Onix
60: Drowzee
61: Hypno
62: Krabby
63: Kingler
64: Voltorb
65: Electrode
66: Exeggcute
67: Exeggcutor
68: Cubone
69: Marowak
6A: Hitmonlee
6B: Hitmonchan
6C: Lickitung
6D: Koffing
6E: Weezing
6F: Rhyhorn
70: Rhydon
71: Chansey
72: Tangela
73: Kangaskhan
74: Horsea
75: Seadra
76: Goldeen
77: Seaking
78: Staryu
79: Starmie
7A: Mr. Mime
7B: Scyther
7C: Jynx
7D: Electabuzz
7E: Magmar
7F: Pinsir
80: Tauros
81: Magikarp
82: Gyarados
83: Lapras
84: Ditto
85: Eevee
86: Vaporeon
87: Jolteon
88: Flareon
89: Porygon
8A: Omanyte
8B: Omastar
8C: Kabuto
8D: Kabutops
8E: Aerodactyl
8F: Snorlax
90: Articuno
91: Zapdos
92: Moltres
93: Dratini
94: Dragonair
95: Dragonite
96: Mewtwo
97: Mew
98: Chikorita
99: Bayleef
9A: Meganium
9B: Cyndaquil
9C: Quilava
9D: Typhlosion
9E: Totodile
9F: Croconaw
A0: Feraligatr
A1: Sentret
A2: Furret
A3: Hoothoot
A4: Noctowl
A5: Ledyba
A6: Ledian
A7: Spinarak
A8: Ariados
A9: Crobat
AA: Chinchou
AB: Lanturn
AC: Pichu
AD: Cleffa
AE: Igglybuff
AF: Togepi
B0: Togetic
B1: Natu
B2: Xatu
B3: Mareep
B4: Flaaffy
B5: Ampharos
B6: Bellossom
B7: Marill
B8: Azumaril
B9: Sudowoodo
BA: Politoed
BB: Hoppip
BC: Skiploom
BD: Jumpluff
BE: Aipom
BF: Sunkern
C0: Sunflora
C1: Yanma
C2: Wooper
C3: Quagsire
C4: Espeon
C5: Umbreon
C6: Murkrow
C7: Slowking
C8: Misdreavus
C9: Unown (can show up in any form)
CA: Wobbuffet
CB: Girafarig
CC: Pineco
CD: Forretress
CE: Dunsparce
CF: Gligar
D0: Steelix
D1: Snubbull
D2: Granbull
D3: Qwilfish
D4: Scizor
D5: Shuckle
D6: Heracross
D7: Sneasel
D8: Teddiursa
D9: Ursaring
DA: Slugma
DB: Magcargo
DC: Swinub
DD: Piloswine
DE: Corsola
DF: Remoraid
E0: Octillery
E1: Delibird
E2: Mantine
E3: Skarmory
E4: Houndour
E5: Houndoom
E6: Kingdra
E7: Phanpy
E8: Donphan
E9: Porygon2
EA: Stantler
EB: Smeargle
EC: Tyrogue
ED: Hitmontop
EE: Smoochum
EF: Elekid
F0: Magby
F1: Miltank
F2: Blissey
F3: Raikou
F4: Entei
F5: Suicune
F6: Larvitar
F7: Pupitar
F8: Tyranitar
F9: Lugia
FA: Ho-oh
FB: Celebi

<strong>Max Money</strong>


<strong>Pokemon Stats, HP & PP Modifier</strong>

Stats Modifier
Pokemon Gold & Silver Crystal
Max Attack Modifier (Larger) 1st 010350DA 910305DD
Max Attack Modifier (Smaller) 1st 01E751DA 91E706DD
Max Defense Modifier (Larger) 1st 010352DA 910307DD
Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) 1st 01E753DA 91E708DD
Max Speed (Larger) 1st 010354DA 910309DD
Max Speed (Smaller) 1st 01E755DA 91E70ADD
Max Special Attack Modifier (Larger) 1st 010356DA 91030BDD
Max Special Attack Modifier (Smaller) 1st 01E757DA 91E70CDD
Max Special Defense Modifier (Larger) 1st 010358DA 91030DDD
Max Special Defense Modifier (Smaller) 1st 01E759DA 91E70EDD
Max Attack Modifier (Larger) 2nd 010380DA 910335DD
Max Attack Modifier (Smaller) 2nd 01E781DA 91E736DD
Max Defense Modifier (Larger) 2nd 010382DA 910337DD
Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) 2nd 01E783DA 91E738DD
Max Speed (Larger) 2nd 010384DA 910339DD
Max Speed (Smaller) 2nd 01E785DA 91E73ADD
Max Special Attack Modifier (Larger) 2nd 010386DA 91033BDD
Max Special Attack Modifier (Smaller) 2nd 01E787DA 91E73CDD
Max Special Defense Modifier (Larger) 2nd 010388DA 91033DDD
Max Special Defense Modifier (Smaller) 2nd 01E789DA 91E73EDD
Max Attack Modifier (Larger) 3rd 0103B0DA 910365DD
Max Attack Modifier (Smaller) 3rd 01E7B1DA 91E766DD
Max Defense Modifier (Larger) 3rd 0103B2DA 910367DD
Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) 3rd 01E7B3DA 91E768DD
Max Speed (Larger) 3rd 0103B4DA 910369DD
Max Speed (Smaller) 3rd 01E7B5DA 91E76ADD
Max Special Attack Modifier (Larger) 3rd 0103B6DA 91036BDD
Max Special Attack Modifier (Smaller) 3rd 01E7B7DA 91E76CDD
Max Special Defense Modifier (Larger) 3rd 0103B8DA 91036DDD
Max Special Defense Modifier (Smaller) 3rd 01E7B9DA 91E76EDD
Max Attack Modifier (Larger) 4th 0103E0DA 910395DD
Max Attack Modifier (Smaller) 4th 01E7E1DA 91E796DD
Max Defense Modifier (Larger) 4th 0103E2DA 910397DD
Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) 4th 01E7E3DA 91E798DD
Max Speed (Larger) 4th 0103E4DA 910399DD
Max Speed (Smaller) 4th 01E7E5DA 91E79ADD
Max Special Attack Modifier (Larger) 4th 0103E6DA 91039BDD
Max Special Attack Modifier (Smaller) 4th 01E7E7DA 91E79CDD
Max Special Defense Modifier (Larger) 4th 0103E8DA 91039DDD
Max Special Defense Modifier (Smaller) 4th 01E7E9DA 91E79EDD
Max Attack Modifier (Larger) 5th 010310DB 9103C5DD
Max Attack Modifier (Smaller) 5th 01E711DB 91E7C6DD
Max Defense Modifier (Larger) 5th 010312DB 9103C7DD
Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) 5th 01E713DB 91E7C8DD
Max Speed (Larger) 5th 010314DB 9103C9DD
Max Speed (Smaller) 5th 01E715DB 91E7CADD
Max Special Attack Modifier (Larger) 5th 010316DB 9103CBDD
Max Special Attack Modifier (Smaller) 5th 01E717DB 91E7CCDD
Max Special Defense Modifier (Larger) 5th 010318DB 9103CDDD
Max Special Defense Modifier (Smaller) 5th 01E719DB 91E7CEDD
Max Attack Modifier (Larger) 6th 010340DB 9103F5DD
Max Attack Modifier (Smaller) 6th 01E741DB 91E7F6DD
Max Defense Modifier (Larger) 6th 010342DB 9103F7DD
Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) 6th 01E743DB 91E7F8DD
Max Speed (Larger) 6th 010344DB 9103F9DD
Max Speed (Smaller) 6th 01E745DB 91E7FADD
Max Special Attack Modifier (Larger) 6th 010346DB 9103FBDD
Max Special Attack Modifier (Smaller) 6th 01E747DB 91E7FCDD
Max Special Defense Modifier (Larger) 6th 010348DB 9103FDDD
Max Special Defense Modifier (Smaller) 6th 01E749DB 91E7FEDD

HP Modifier
Pokemon Gold & Silver Crystal
Infinite HP (Larger) 1st 01034CDA 910301DD
Infinite HP (Smaller) 1st 01E74DDA 91E702DD
Max HP Modifier (Larger) 1st 01034EDA 910303DD
Max HP Modifier (Smaller) 1st 01E74FDA 91E704DD
Infinite HP (Larger) 2nd 01037CDA 910331DD
Infinite HP (Smaller) 2nd 01E77DDA 91E732DD
Max HP Modifier (Larger) 2nd 01037EDA 910333DD
Max HP Modifier (Smaller) 2nd 01E77FDA 91E734DD
Infinite HP (Larger) 3rd 0103ACDA 910361DD
Infinite HP (Smaller) 3rd 01E7ADDA 91E762DD
Max HP Modifier (Larger) 3rd 0103AEDA 910363DD
Max HP Modifier (Smaller) 3rd 01E7AFDA 91E764DD
Infinite HP (Larger) 4th 0103DCDA 910391DD
Infinite HP (Smaller) 4th 01E7DDDA 91E792DD
Max HP Modifier (Larger) 4th 0103DEDA 910393DD
Max HP Modifier (Smaller) 4th 01E7DFDA 91E794DD
Infinite HP (Larger) 5th 01030CDB 9103C1DD
Infinite HP (Smaller) 5th 01E70DDB 91E7C2DD
Max HP Modifier (Larger) 5th 01030EDB 9103C3DD
Max HP Modifier (Smaller) 5th 01E70FDB 91E7C4DD
Infinite HP (Larger) 6th 01033CDB 9103F1DD
Infinite HP (Smaller) 6th 01E73DDB 91E7F2DD
Max HP Modifier (Larger) 6th 01033EDB 9103F3DD
Max HP Modifier (Smaller) 6th 01E73FDB 91E7F4DD

PP Modifier
Pokemon Gold & Silver Crystal Replace xx with:
Infinite PP (1st move) 1st 01xx41DA 91xxF6DC 00=0 – FF=63
Infinite PP (2nd move) 1st 01xx42DA 91xxF7DC
Infinite PP (3rd move) 1st 01xx43DA 91xxF8DC
Infinite PP (4th move) 1st 01xx44DA 91xxF9DC
Infinite PP (1st move) 2nd 01xx71DA 91xx26DD
Infinite PP (2nd move) 2nd 01xx72DA 91xx27DD
Infinite PP (3rd move) 2nd 01xx73DA 91xx28DD
Infinite PP (4th move) 2nd 01xx74DA 91xx29DD
Infinite PP (1st move) 3rd 01xxA1DA 91xx56DD
Infinite PP (2nd move) 3rd 01xxA2DA 91xx57DD
Infinite PP (3rd move) 3rd 01xxA3DA 91xx58DD
Infinite PP (4th move) 3rd 01xxA4DA 91xx59DD
Infinite PP (1st move) 4th 01xxD1DA 91xx86DD
Infinite PP (2nd move) 4th 01xxD2DA 91xx87DD
Infinite PP (3rd move) 4th 01xxD3DA 91xx88DD
Infinite PP (4th move) 4th 01xxD4DA 91xx89DD
Infinite PP (1st move) 5th 01xx01DB 91xxB6DD
Infinite PP (2nd move) 5th 01xx02DB 91xxB7DD
Infinite PP (3rd move) 5th 01xx03DB 91xxB8DD
Infinite PP (4th move) 5th 01xx04DB 91xxB9DD
Infinite PP (1st move) 6th 01xx31DB 91xxE6DD
Infinite PP (2nd move) 6th 01xx32DB 91xxE7DD
Infinite PP (3rd move) 6th 01xx33DB 91xxE8DD
Infinite PP (4th move) 6th 01xx34DB 91xxE9DD

<strong>Max Pokeball</strong>

Slot 1 0163FED5 9163D9D8
Slot 2 016300D6 9163DBD8
Slot 3 016302D6 9163DDD8
Slot 4 016304D6 9163DFD8
Slot 5 016306D6 9163E1D8
Slot 6 016308D6 9163E3D8
Slot 7 01630AD6 9163E5D8
Slot 8 01630CD6 9163E7D8
Slot 9 01630ED6 9163E9D8
Slot 10 016310D6 9163EBD8
Slot 11 016312D6 9163EDD8
Slot 12 016314D6 9163EFD8

<strong>Happiness Modifier</strong>

1st 01xx45DA 91xxFADC
2nd 01xx75DA 91xx2ADD
3rd 01xxA5DA 91xx5ADD
4th 01xxD5DA 91xx8ADD
5th 01xx05DB 91xxBADD
6th 01xx35DB 91xxEADD

Replace xx with one of the following digits:

00: (0) Means your Pokemon hates you (sets Frustration’s base at 102.)
46: (70) Is where you start from after catching or trading.
DA: (218) Is the requirement for happiness evolution.
FF: (255) Is the maximum. (This will set Return’s base damage to 102.)

<strong>Have All Badges</strong>


<strong>Enemy Pokemon Status Modifier</strong>

Change xx with anyone the following 91xx14D2
01: SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 1st turn).
02: SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 2nd turn).
03: SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 3rd turn).
04: SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 4th turn).
05: SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 5th turn).
06: SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 6th turn).
07: SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 7th turn).
08: PSN (The poison will wear off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
0f: PSN + SLP(wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
10: BRN (wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
17: BRN + SLP (wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
20: FRZ (wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
30: FRZ + BRN (wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
40: PAR (wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)

<strong>Shiny Pokemon</strong>

(You can’t run away during a battle)

<strong>Pokemon Gender Modifier</strong>

Enemy Pokemon Gender Modifier (This cheat will not work for pokemon that exist only on one gender like Miltank)
Fight Female 010419D1 910430D2
Fight Male 010519D1 910530D2

<strong>Transform A Normal Pokemon To A Shiny</strong>

1st Pokemon

2nd Pokemon

3rd Pokemon

4th Pokemon

5th Pokemon

6th Pokemon

<strong>Hatch an egg instantly</strong>

Place the egg in your party. Turn the Gameshark on. Take one step & TURN
THE GAMESHARK OFF. Walk around a few (10 to 40)steps and the egg will hatch.
1st Egg 010145DA 9101FADC
2nd Egg 010175DA 91012ADD
3rd Egg 0101A5DA 91015ADD
4th Egg 0101D5DA 91018ADD
5th Egg 010105DB 9101BADD
6th Egg 010135DB 9101EADD

<strong>Pokemon Level Modifier</strong>

(Replace xx to the pokemon level you desire)

<strong>Steal Trainer’s Pokemon</strong>


<strong>Infinite EXP</strong>

(Max Level Up After Winning A Battle)
Using this cheat, your pokemon will keep growing until reaching level 100 after winning a battle.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Can you buy rare candy in Pokemon Crystal?

A1. Yes, you can always opt to buy rare candy from Pokemon Crystal with the help of 50 points. You can get the points by collecting a lot of Blu cards. However, it is easy to buy, but it takes a lot of time for you to collect Blu cards worth 50 points.

Q2. How do you use GameShark?

A2. If you want to use the GameShark with GBA, you need to insert the cartridge to the GameShark. It will allow you to go to the cheat menu where you can find the cheats representing your game. Find out the appropriate cheat code and enter it while playing the game.

Q3. How do you get Celebi in Pokemon Crystal?

A3. Try to use GameShark or any other device and put in the code for unlocking the Celebi Quest. Now you need to enter the second code for your choice of the quest. Once done, you can get a new Celebi which will help you to get the results. 

Q4. What Legendaries are in Pokemon Crystal?

A4. There are 5 different legendary Pokemons that you can get with the game. They are Raikou, Lugia, Entei, Ho-Oh, and Suicune. However, the best part is that each of them has powerful hidden abilities. 

Q5. How do you catch the three legendary dogs in Pokemon Crystal?

A5. To get the legendary dogs in Pokemon Crystal, you need to go to the basement where you can find all the beasts. You can go to Hohto to find Raiku and Entei. The other Suicune is located in the Tin Tower. Try to be patient while approaching them.

Q6. Can you get Charmander in Crystal?

A6. You can get a Charmander but it is at the beginning if you reach out to Professor Oak’s Lab. If not, you can also get another option from Damien on Route 24. There is no other place where you can get a Charmander in Crystal.

Q7. How do you get a Masterball in Pokemon Crystal?

A7. You can get a Master Ball only from Professor Elm at Pokemon Crystal. But for this, you need to earn all the 8 Johto Badges. You can get these badges from the Lucky Chanel radio. So to earn them, you need to defeat all the 8 trainers present. 

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If you like playing the game but getting frustrated because you are not making any improvement, Pokemon Crystal Cheats may help you out. You can follow this article to know all about the benefits and the things that you can get.