Pokemon Ash Gray Cheats, Walkthrough [All You Need to Know Guide in 2020]

Pokémon Ash Gray is a game that is made by fans of one of the greatest and most-watched TV anime of our time, Pokémon. The game is authorized or written by Metapod 23. Being released some years before, it has been able to keep the excitement and eagerness to play the game since then. The game takes you to the days when your eyes were stuck to the television, waiting for the Pokémon show to telecast and makes you feel like a child again.

As for the children, the game takes you on the road to new adventures and experience various nail-biting moments. The newest version of the game was launched in the year of 2015 and up to this date is still one of the most famous changed and updated models of the Fire Red.


The game has come up with various new features to it so as to impress the gamers from all over the world and attract other users, thereby setting an example if we discuss the context of the features that have been added to the game. The features include many points that the author has kept in mind while releasing the game. Even the tiniest of the details have been looked upon by the fans and have contributed towards the success of Pokemon Ash Gray. Some of the characteristics that are possessed by the game are:

  • The most exciting feature that the game offers is that it allows you to play as Ash, the main character of the show, the hero we all love.
  • It also gives the chance to the gamer to catch all those characters of the show that Ash does.
  • Another interesting feature of this game is that it follows the same chronology of events as in the anime, thereby adding a different dimension to the game.
  • The gamers are also awarded a various distinct set of events
  •  Various latest maps have been provided into the game so as to develop more interest in the game.
  • The tiles that have been added to the game are the latest.
  • You are also honored with various prices to carry the team made by Ash.
  • There are new devices in place of HM’s.
  • The surf has been replaced by the surf.
  • The rock smash has also taken the place of a pickaxe.
  • The hatchet is replaced by the cut in the game.
  • The gamers can also use a climbing kit, replacing the traditional rock climb.
  • The other feature that differentiates this game from other games is its graphics. All the characters and even the tiniest details feel so surreal and realistic, that it doubles the excitement of the gamers.
  • The game throws various tough challenges at you, and you need to make sure that you make proper plans and strategies to defeat your enemies.

All the above features have made the game a must-play for all the gamers across the world and have been able to successfully attract those groups of people too, who aren’t into the gaming world, thereby creating a new market for itself in the world. These features or characteristics, as we say, have made the game popular and makes an altogether a different experience for the game lovers.

Pokemon Ash Gray Walkthrough

The story of the game revolves around you being the main character Ash and the game shows the first 50 episodes of the anime in form of a game. You are on your way to starting the adventure as a Pokémon beast. But you end up watching all the episodes of the anime show, staying up the whole night and waking up late the next morning.

All your enemies are from the town known as Pallet and they have chosen various powerful Pokémon for themselves and you are only left with Pikachu, which is lightning yellow in color. So you are left with only two options, either to go home or choose Pikachu. You start your journey by standing into the shoes of Ash and have to complete a total of 116 events which excludes the two movie events that you have to be a part of in the game.

You will be given full freedom to catch Pokémon of your choice and ponder over and make the right decisions in the game. The way you approach the game with your decisions will ultimately decide your fate in this adventurous game, the game that fills you with exhilaration and excitement all throughout. The various events test your decision-making skills and adaptability skills in the game, thereby giving you chances to test your various tactics and expertise.

The instructions to be followed in the games are quite simple and hence, can be played by anyone. Here is a thread to solve all your doubts.

Pokemon Ash Gray Cheats

Like every other professional game, this game is also accompanied by or complemented with various cheat codes that allow the procrastinator to survive in the game and help him with various functions and objectives.

Some of the cheat codes that can assist you in the game are mentioned below:

There is one cheat code that allows you to pass through the walls. The code for the same is B09197D3 542975F4 78DA95DF 44018CB4.

The other cheat code enables you to meet the Pokémon that are shiny. The code for this purpose is 1670047D 04815C68 18452A7D DDE55BCC.

There is yet another code that provides you with an infinite amount of cash. You can use the code 29C78059 96542964 for this function.

Just like the above codes, you can also use cheat codes for different other purposes like to modify the gender of the Pokémon, to steal other characters, etc.  which enables you to perform better in the game.


Pokemon Ash Gray in itself is an example of how old shows can be converted into games, thereby allowing the public to come back to the golden days. The game can be played by people from all age groups, because, who doesn’t love Pokémon. It allows you to act like Ash, the character that we all love and like to become the hero we wish we could be which not only makes the game more popular but also adds an extra punch of thrill to the game which makes it loved by the audience from the different parts of the world.

Pokemon Ash Gray is designed in such a way that it never fails to amaze us by the various features that have made an appearance, or be it the various characters that have been shown. So, don’t wait anymore, and if you are a true Pokémon fan, you would have already played the game various times. And even if you are not, then too go ahead and experience the thrill that the game promises to offer.