Pokehuntr – The Pokemon Go Map [15+ Unknown Alternatives of Pokehuntr]

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We all are aware of Pokemon Go, the game best known for its features. Since Pokemon Go is not a game of today, it’s been played for a long time. We have seen many changes made in this game. So here we are with a new extension in the game known as Pokehuntr. This application again has multiple benefits.

But the question arrives that after having so many features in Pokemon GO why Pokehuntr has been introduced. So the reason behind its introduction is, in earlier times Pokemon Go didn’t meet the user expectations i.e., the users have many complaints regarding the location of pokemon.

How to discover which pokemon is where?

So there were many other applications installed by the user, but this causes degradation of the game. So the company and Niantic decide to add some alternatives in the game to make it more interesting.


Pokehuntr is a new app, based on Pokemon Go. This application will share the location of pokemon. You can check the pokemon location by sitting at your home. It appears that the pokemon are flying. You have to connect your location with google maps. As it’s connected with the Google maps it will show the results quickly.

Pokehuntr shares the appropriate information about the game, it’s not like the Poke Radar. Pokehuntr is adaptable. But the server is slow, due to its productivity and is under maintenance. You have to check them from time to time. You will discover that PokeHuntr isn’t that attractive s compared to its other alternative. You will also notice that the Pokemon Go server is similar to thePokeHuntr. Let’s Move ahead to know more about this.

A  look at the alternatives of Pokehuntr that can be used while playing.

16 Alternatives of Pokehuntr

Here is the complete list of all the alternatives of the Pokehuntr. Let us have a quick glance over it.

1. Pokemon Go: Desktop Map

So, the first alternative of Pokehuntr is a desktop map. This application is something that gives the exact location of pokemon. First, you have to feed your information and log in to this as importing the data would be difficult. By its name, it is clear that it is known as a desktop map. But the twist in the game is here, it is known as a desktop map it can be accessed even from any workstation. But you have to check for the universal connection or accessible hotspot.

You can have access to this with your phone also. Just go to the window from there go to the top right corner mentioning “portable” sensors and click on it. This will generate a QR code and send it to the gifted pokemon. Desktop maps will also check the record about transmission information and every detail of the pokemon.

2. Go tool

Another alternate is right here known as Go Tool providing you to seize pokemon. This application not only allows you to catch pokemon but it also allows you to share the location of the pokemon with the help of web browsing. This application promotes many exciting features that you are going to love.

Go Tool makes sure that you can get your pokemon as early as possible. Also, you can share the location of pokemon with your friends. To know more about the application you should first download and install it. Try this amazing application!

3. FastPokeMaps

This application works similarly to the other ones. But the twist here is, a guide will be provided to us. Through that guide, you will come to know which pokemon is where. Click on the guide and let the process get completed. You will find this application even more interesting if there are more trainers in your locality as it will increase the probability of finding more pokemon in that area. The number of coaches more will be pokemon. A well-known park called Focal Park, where you will find bundles of individuals and a lot of many pokemon.

4. PokeAlert

This application is an android app. This application has been used for the previous time. Presently, this application supports the 2.3.2-5 version and only one author has added the updates in the GitHub. This application uses poke vision which is not uncommon.

Will you use PokeAlert? 

The best answer is yes, you should. One thing which is appreciable about this app is it sends the notification every time the pokemon appear. Another best thing about the app is users have to give no special content. This application works on the basis of Google maps. The push notification here is used to present data and monitor the pokemon.

5. PokiiMap

This application is similar to PokeHuntr. It will also track the pokemon and find it for you. This application is available on the PC and even on MacBook. This will direct you when your enemies are closer to you.  This application is mainly for poke fans who want to play it from any part of the world at any time.

6. PokemonOnMap.com

Another important and one of the best applications is pokemonOnmap.com that will allow you to know about the exact location of the pokemon. Through this application you can find the pokemon of our choice along with that you can catch all the pokemon you wish to have it by the method of comprehension. With the help of this application, you can wait for the pokemon that you want. PokemonOnMap.com is better than the other application for example it is even better than the poke vision.

7. Pokecrew

Pokecrew, another android application which is used to find pokemon around you, gives you the exact location and tells you where is what in the region. The app has many functionalities and is considered as the favorite of many users. This application gives you real-time information i.e. it will give you the exact location of the pokemon. This application is similar to the pokeWhere. This application is mainly for real pokemon fans. If you are one amongst them then do give it a try!

8. PokeWhere

This application is for poke fans, who want to have their favorite pokemon first. This application allows you to find the real-time location of the pokemon. This application is a freemium version of pokemon Radar. PokemonGoWhere is an application that will allow you to access different features.

But for that you have to download the application first then only you can try its features. The basic features of this application are that it allows scanning, count down timer, extreme fast scanning, applying filters, etc.

9. PokemonGo Map


This application is a web-based application where you can find your pokemon. His is a video game based application where you have to find the pokemon ASAP. This game never asks you for your personal information. You just have to fill the details which are necessary to know about the location of the pokemon. That’s all about this application.

10. GymHuntr

GymHuntr is a web application sharing the real-time information of the game. This application will provide you a map with the help of which you can find the gyms around you and can battle from anywhere. This application too doesn’t need your personal information. You just have to fill the necessary details which are mandatory to play. The map provided will help you find the gyms and you can even share this with your friends or on some networking sites. GymHuntr has millions of users. Another important thing about this application is an advanced search box will be displayed where you can add your region to find the nearest gyms or teams.

11. Poke Radar


Poke radar is another important application that will find your favorite pokemon. This application is a satellite-based application here you can find your pokemon and add the name of the coach. In this application, you will see that if you open it you will find the nearest pokemon surrounding you some too close or some too far. Another interesting thing about this application is you will find your favorite pokemon that you desired. For this go to the magnifying glass and search for the pokemon you want, it will show you the nearest possible results of that pokemon. This application is very helpful for pokemon trainers.

12. Pokefinder

If your Pokemon GO doesn’t work properly and is out of control then for such cases there are some applications available in the play store. To recover the data from the game and find the problem poke finder is used. In America, this poke finder is listed in the top 10. Poke Finder is an application that can be used if you are not using the original version of the game. O use this application you first have to install it then it will set up your region. After this, you can find your current list by going to the guide option. This application is good to use if you are playing on a faked version of the game.

13. Pokemon Mesh


Pokemon Mesh is an android application with the latest variant of 4.3.0. You can also download 4.2.0. version and later on update it to show that you have updated the game.  As there are many applications of pokemon go and many alternatives are added to the list of Pokehuntr one amongst them is PokeMesh. This application acts like a device that locates where your pokemon is. It also alerts that you are close to the pokemon.  The Pokemon mesh is a free android application with lots of features. It will let you know about the pokemon that you want to seize. Do give it a try.

14. Poke Live

There are many applications that are used as an alternative in pokemon go. One amongst them is Poke Live. Before entering the game this application takes a complete view of the things around it. It checks if the zone is ready or not. It also doesn’t ask the user to log in. You can try this application too!

15. PokeVision

Pokevision is an application that is based on the mapping. This application gives you real-time information about uncommon pokemon and it also calculates when you will need them in the game.  Poke Vision takes direct information from the Niantic i.e. the information gathered is completely true and up to the marks whereas, Poke Radar collects the information from the user that can be inappropriate. So do try this game, you will definitely enjoy this game.

16. LiveMapGo

Last but not the least is Live Map Go is an application that allows you to locate your pokemon. It is easy and simple to use. As live map go application allows playing pokemon Go simultaneously. With another advantage, this game allows you to filter the pokemon of your choice. This application is available for free and you can download it easily. As this application is newly added many difficulties of the users have vanished.

This application is considered to be the best application as there are many features available. You can download the apk file on your cell phone and can enjoy playing this. This application is globally accepted by many users and the quality of this application is excellent and is therefore played by many users. Give this a try, you will really enjoy it!

Wrapping Up

So as we have discussed above the alternatives of the Pokehuntr we get to know various alternatives about this game. The work is the same i.e. the motto is to locate pokemon and find them but adding some features has made multiple applications as its alternatives. Amongst them, you can find anyone that is best for you. We have created a list of all the alternatives of PokeHuntr. This was all about PokeHuntr.

Pokehuntr in itself is one of the best applications. You can choose any application as per your interest. Hope this article has helped in solving your doubts. Try them all and find the best one for you!