Pokefind – The Awesome Live Pokemon Tracker for Pokemon Go

Pokefind is the application through which players of Pokemon Go can easily find their favorite Pokemon. It is the best app for finding and catching the Pokemon you love the most. When players will use Pokefind then they can get to know about the exact location of Pokemon. In this way, you can also build a strong and trustworthy Pokedex. This app will make your team of poke stronger and could help in finding more Pokemon. Even in the app players can also find a map in which they are provided with the exact location of the Pokemon.


The best thing about the game that other person data can’t interfere with the rules of the game since it is a collaborative tool. It means players can play their game without taking any tension about getting banned. The app also provides free software for chatting and messaging and now users of iOS can also easily install the app.

The app also allows players to search for pokemon that other Go Trainers might have caught using the crowdsourcing pokemon location. It means using this app Pokemon Go Trainer is helped in finding the Pokemon which you have been looking for many times. The app is also well known for providing accurate location of Pokemon in your area. 

Name of the AppPokefind
Official URLhttps://pokevision.pro/pokefind/
Supported Operating SystemAndroid
Minimum Requirement Android 2.3.2+ (Gingerbread, API 9)
Current Version1.0.23
Download File Size18.9 MB
Features Best to catch rare Pokemon
File Size 18.9 MB


There are some fantastic features of the app which have made it popular among players. Here we have covered a few.

  • The best feature of the application that it can show Pokemon near the player in real-time.
  • It also provides a live map through which you can easily find the location of the Pokemon. Due to this feature, it is also known as Pokefind Map.
  • The app helps in showing the exact and accurate location that which pokemon has spawned in a particular location.
  • The online map provided by the app is collaborative and can also work as an evolution calculator so that you can explore that it is worth catching the Pokemon.
  • The application also helps you in finding the Poke Stops and Gyms.
  • The app also shows that up to which time the Pokemon will remain in a particular place so that you can catch them.
  • It also shows players who are using a similar application for catching Pokemon.

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How To Download and Install Pokefind On Android?

We have written down steps for you so that you could not feel hassled while installing the app on your Android device.

  1. First, you have to choose the right site for downloading. Today you will explore many apps but you have to choose the right and genuine one. 
  2. After exploring the site you have click on the download Pokefind app button.
  3. Now you have to complete the Captcha so that download process could get complete.
  4. In the next step, you have to install the app on your Android device for smooth working.
  5. Now the app has been installed and you can start using the app with its features. 

How to Catch Pokemon Using Pokefind?

minecraft pokefind

If a player wants to catch new Pokemon then you have to constantly check the Poke tracker so that you can get spawn of new Pokemon but, before catching the Pokemon you should also check the distance for ease. For this, you can also use radar located in the corner of the screen so that you can get the actual distance.

This will definitely help in completing the challenges and you can easily catch the Pokemon in a convenient manner and provide you unique experiences. You can also use the online map to know about the location of the Pokemon so that you can catch them easily. 

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FAQ and Troubleshooting 

The app also arrived with some FAQs and Troubleshooting such as.

Q1. Pokefind resources pack not loading. What should I do?

A1. In this case, you have to enable and select done so that you can save your settings. You can also refer to this forum discussion.

Q2. While level up most of the Pokemon up to 100 that time there setting gets one-shot

A2. In this situation, you have to provide more moves like a bullet punch or aqua jet.

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Wrapping Up

Pokefind is very beneficial for exploring the pokemon and could catch them with ease. The app also includes an online map for providing accurate location of the Pokemon. If you have any other doubts related to the Pokemon world then feel free to ping us anytime.