5 Awesome Kakaotalk Themes You Should Know [Unique Features]

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Unlike other apps, KakaoTalk App is different, as it gives the feature for personalization. It is not just for sending instant messages, video calls or playing games. But you can do a lot of other things on this app. Like changing themes and using themes of your choice. KakaoTalk Themes are available for use and you can easily download different themes for KakaoTalk App using Playstore or Appstore. Let’s know about all the themes which you can download for KakaoTalk App.

kakao themes

1. Teeskii SeaWorld Kakao Theme 

This is a Teeskii Theme where Teeskii is doing aerobics inside the sea. Teeskii is swimming and diving inside the sea. Teeskii is also wearing a swimsuit. This theme is made for summers to give a cool and funny touch to your phone.

2. KakaoTalk Theme Maker

Are you not able to find a perfect theme of your choice for your KakaoTalk App? Do not worry now, as with this app you can design your own theme by drawing and creating icons and wallpaper of your choice. Or else you can download from the wallpapers and themes we have created. But only Android users can use this app.

3. Panda KakaoTalk Theme

Are you someone who is so obsessed with the Pandas? If yes, then use this KakaoTalk Theme for your KakaoTalk App. From icons to wallpapers all will have Panda.

4. Aqua KakaoTalk Theme

Everything in this theme will be of Aqua color and white color only. The resolution of this theme is kept high so that it can be used on smartphones with high resolution also. You can give your app a cool look by using this theme.

5. KakaoTalk Theme Shop

It is a complete shop for themes dedicated to KakaoTalk App only. You will get variety of themes on this app. But you need to register and login to get these themes for your app. From new to old all kind of themes are available on this app.

Great Features of KakaoTalk You Should Know

KakaoTalk is a messaging app with the help of which you can instantly send messages to your friends and family members. It was released in the year 2010 in South Korea, and at present, it is one of the most popular apps used my maximum number of users in South Korea. The app is no less than any other messaging app like WhatsApp or iMessage. Below we have listed some features of KakaoTalk App which makes it unique.

kakao features
  • KakaoTalk App has the feature of gaming in the app, which mostly messaging apps does not have. Those games are the third party, but you can still play them with your friends who are available on KakaoTalk.
  • You need not fear about your mobile number going to another person. KakaoTalk does not require mobile numbers for registering or signing up. You will have a unique ID for KakaoTalk, which you can share with your friends.
  • You can also connect by scanning the QR codes of KakaoTalk App of your friends by your mobile easily.
  • This app also allows the user to change the theme of the app as per your convenience and likes. You can download KakaoTalk Themes and can use them in the app.
  • It is a South Korean app, but it supports 15 languages. Also, it comes with an in-built translator that helps in translating the conversations.
  • You can also follow many celebrities and different brands on KakaoTalk App as you do on Instagram or Twitter. This helps in getting complete info about them.

If you are not able to use KakaoTalk or you are looking for a KakaoTalk alternative, then here are some apps which you can use. WhatsApp Messenger, Viber, IMO, Wire, Line, Telegram Messenger, are some of the apps which you can use in place of KakaoTalk.