How to Spoof Your Location for Pokemon Go?

According to the Guinness World Records data, Pokemon Go had the highest revenue of all mobile games in the first month. As one of the most popular augmented reality games in the world, Pokemon Go has made over $200 million upon the first month of its release.

Players of all ages enjoy hunting and collecting virtual creatures scattered around their real environments. If you’re good at the game, you might find a spot at the Pokemon Go World Championship held each year!

Many players spoof their location to visit more places and thus collect more Pokemon. Some also have no option but to spoof their location in case of geo-restrictions on the game.

But how to spoof your location correctly? This guide will help you out.

Why Use a VPN to Play Pokemon Go?

Players can avoid game restrictions by spoofing or faking their location on Pokemon Go. But the game uses GPS location data (not the IP address) to determine the player’s position. That means you need a GPS spoofing app to trick the algorithm and gain access to the game or find rare Pokemon without moving too much.

But location spoofing goes against the policy of the game. It might cause some unwanted consequences such as shadow banning and more restrictions. That is why you need to use a virtual private network or VPN along with the GPS spoofing app. It protects your data and ensures your spoofing actions remain unnoticed.

How to Spoof Your Location?

Here is a brief step-by-step guide on how you can spoof your location on Pokemon Go to access the game in geo-blocked regions. Keep in mind that location spoofing can also help you find rare Pokemon that you wouldn’t otherwise spot at your original location.

Step 1: Get a Virtual Private Network

Start by subscribing to a premium VPN and downloading their virtual private network app. A VPN hides your IP address so you can avoid alerting the developers about location spoofing.

NordVPN is the leading VPN provider that offers a variety of subscription plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Moreover, an investment in NordVPN subscription brings many security benefits beyond Pokemon Go and gaming.

Step 2: Download a GPS Spoofing App

Once you have the VPN ready to go, download a GPS spoofing app. There are plenty of third-party apps available on Google Play and the App Store that offer GPS spoofing services. Keep in mind that some of these apps might need you to root or jailbreak your device.

Once you complete the installation, use the application to choose the desired location where you’d like to hunt for Pokemon. If you’re trying to gain access to the game, select the US or any other country where the game is available.

Step 3: Choose a VPN Server Location

After selecting the GPS location, head into the VPN app and choose a VPN server that matches the GPS location. These two locations must match to avoid unwanted bans and restrictions. Fortunately, NordVPN offers a variety of secure server locations, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right match for your GPS spot.

Step 4: Start Playing

After activating both the GPS and the virtual private network locations, you are ready to launch the game. If you couldn’t access the game before, now you will be able to find it on the app store and download it without any issues.

If you were only looking for a new adventure and more Pokemon, launch the game after changing the virtual location to find all the new creatures.

Enjoy the Game

Location spoofing can be an efficient solution if you cannot access the game or you wish to find more rare Pokemon around. But keep in mind the potential consequences that might come along with spoofing and other actions that are against game policies. Players often get banned from the app because of the sudden change in location.

The game can also recognize if there is a difference between your IP address (virtual location) and the GPS location. To avoid any discrepancies, use a VPN and match the virtual location with the GPS one. That way, your position will seem reasonable and genuine. In case you start receiving warnings for illicit activities, stop using GPS spoofing apps before you get banned from the game.