Gymhuntr App Download – Latest WORKING Update [Pokemon Go Gym Map 2020]

In recent years, there are many updates invented for the Pokemon Go and it is one of the best and biggest games. They have also revised the gym work in the game and it has also made a difference in how a player could assign the gym to the monster. With the help of Gymhuntr APK, players could go for gym Koo hunts. Many of locations now become home for the Raid Battles and it occurs periodically in the whole day. Players who play a game with seriousness should note their time of starting the game as it lasts for an hour.


Through this app, players can also scan the location and tells about the upcoming raids, with ongoing raids, and basic information about each gym. The app is very valuable to the players as it provides a reliable and authentic method for tracking the pokemon and hunt in the game. It has also launched new function for helping players through which they can take part in Raids with this it also provides the location of it. All battles were taken place in the gym and in this players have to plan in advance.

Features of GymHuntr

With the new update in the APK, it has also consisted of many new features so that players could enjoy more such as.

  • It helps to scan the location and provides with the gym surrounding to the player so that they can know about that which Gymhuntr is located where. With this, it also provides details necessary for players.
  • When players currently holding the gym with this it also gives the information related to the ongoing raids and when the raids are going to start in the future.
  • Once the player gets into the action in the app then it becomes very simple to use.
  • Players will explore pink marks through which they could learn about the timing of raids and with the orange signal, they came to know when a raid will go to start.
Name of the AppGymhuntr
Official URL
Supported Operating SystemAndroid
Minimum RequirementAndroid 4.3+
Current Version6.3.0
Previous Version6.2.0
Download File Size8.7 MB
FeaturesBest to Get Location of Gyms in Pokemon Go Map
File Size8.7 MB

How to Download and Install GymHuntr App on Android?

  1. For downloading the application user have to get connected with the internet and then open the browser of their choice.
  2. Now visit app official site or can also search for the APK file.
  3. Then the user will find the link for their device from which they can download the app.
  4. For Android users, they have to enables the unknown sources for installing the application.
  5. Once the user will change the setting the app will automatically get installed in the device.
  6. At last, the icon will get appear and now it is ready for use.

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How to Catch Pokemon using the Pokemon Go Raid and Gym Map?

Through the Gymhuntr, you can easily track pokemon and raids going around the player’s locations. It will provide you with a definite location of pokemon so that they can catch it easily without any hassle. With this, it also shows you with time left with you to find and catch pokemon.

Pokemon Go Gym Map

Through the help of the application, you can easily find the gym and raids for taking part in it and could catch pokemon. The app has also included with map tracker through which players can gain information about PokeStop and catch their favorite pokemon with ease. If the players are playing from another city then you can easily use the PokeMap for spotting pokemon and for catching them with these players can also see which team is holding a gym.

FAQ and Trouble Shooting

Q1. Lagging or Distorted Audio?

A1. Many players have a problem while playing the face issue in sound quality sometimes. This problem occurs when players connected their device through Bluetooth and for this working on it.

Q2. Gymhuntr not Working? Nothing Showing on the Map?

A2. Sometimes, players could not see anything on maps and this could happen due to the game got crashed or the player is in a remote or quiet area. Then you should restart your game and search pokemon on a populated area.

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Wrapping Up

The GymHuntr has made the app easy for players for searching gym and raids. It has also offered tracker with offline maps and this makes its popular and most used application among peoples.