5 Awesome Alternatives of Kakaotalk | Kakaotalk VS Whatsapp

Different messaging apps are being used across the globe, and KakaoTalk and WhatsApp are one of them. Both have their base well established in the market of social networking and messaging apps. The basic purpose of using these two apps is the same, but still, they differ from each other when compared to several aspects. Let’s know in detail about KakaoTalk Vs WhatsApp.

kakaotalk vs whatsapp
  • Starting with the availability of operating system platforms, KakaoTalk is available on many OS platforms in compare to WhatsApp. KakaoTalk is available on Android, iOS, Windows, Bada OS, Nokia Asha, macOS, and Blackberry. Whereas, WhatsApp is on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, macOS, Symbian Windows.
  • KakaoTalk does not require any mobile number or phone number for signing up, it requires a KakaoTalk Id for connecting with friends and family. Whereas, WhatsApp requires a phone number for signing up and using WhatsApp.
  • Both these apps are now available on the PC for use. But it was KakaoTalk which first introduced its PC version. Later after that, WhatsApp brought it’s WhatsApp Web Feature for PCs.
  • KakaoTalk App can be personalized also by changing different themes. However, on WhatsApp, this feature is not available. But there is the option to change the wallpaper.
  • KakaoTalk supports only 15 languages. Whereas, WhatsApp alone for Android supports 60 languages, which somewhere reflects its user base and availability.
  • Comparing the registered users, KakaoTalk has around 220 million registered users. Whereas, WhatsApp has more than 1.2 billion users across the world.
  • KakaoTalk provides the feature of gaming as well, where you can compete with your friends. WhatsApp does not have this feature available yet.
  • KakaoTalk also provides a feature where you can follow different brands and can get info about them. But this feature is missing on WhatsApp.
  • KakaoTalk comes up with a built-in translator feature, but WhatsApp does not have the feature to translate languages.

The basis on the above-mentioned points on KakaoTalk Vs WhatsApp, you can decide, which of these two you would like to use.

5 Alternatives of Kakaotalk [Best Ones]

KakaoTalk is also a messaging app just like the other messaging apps. It was developed in South Korea and is one of the leading messaging apps of South Korea. From sending messages to video calling, you can do all this in KakaoTalk App. You can also send the different sticker emoticons while messaging your friends through this app. There is also a pc version of the app. Kakaotalk is popular in a few countries but is not that famous worldwide.

At present, it supports around 15 languages. So, in case if you are not able to use KakaoTalk App, then do not worry as we have a few alternatives of KakaoTalk, which you can use. Let’s check the different options of KakaoTalk.

alternatives of kakaotalk

1. WhatsApp

One of the best alternatives of KakaoTalk is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is being used all over the world with a huge user database. Just like KakaoTalk, you can use WhatsApp also for sending messages, video calling and sending emoticons.

You can also form a group on WhatsApp Messenger by adding friends and family in it. Also, you get to update the status and pictures on WhatsApp for 24 hours. You can also check the WhatsApp web feature.

2. Facebook Messenger

You all must be aware of Facebook, one of the oldest and famous social networking platforms. To use Facebook Messenger, one must have a Facebook account which can be created using the phone number or email id. On Facebook Messenger also, one gets the facility like KakaoTalk only. Like chatting, video calling, and gaming too.

You can also create a group on Facebook Messenger. If you want to share any multimedia file, you can do it using Facebook Messenger.

3. WeChat

On WeChat, you get the facility to send instant messages, make voice calls, and video calls. WeChat also has a great feature where we can connect with people nearby us just by shaking our phone. You can also add photos on WeChat which others can see and like. WeChat also comes with different emoji and emoticon features and is popular in countries like China.


4. Skype

After WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Skype is the most popular app worldwide. It does not use only for personal chats and video calls. But in many places, people do use Skype for professional use also. As it is a Microsoft product, it does come with a feature of storing files as well.

You can even share multimedia files like documents, music, and videos through Skype. You need to share your Skype Id or number with your friends to add them.

5. Line 

Another app which has a feature of apps like WhatsApp and WeChat, as we are talking about messaging apps which is KakaoTalk alternative. And Line is one of those apps. It also comes with a feature of adding friends or family using the Line Id. Or you can even scan the QR code for adding someone.

Other than that, shaking your phone is another way of finding people and combining them. You can do video calling and voice calling also with the help of this app.

Wrap Up

So, use these apps in place of KakaoTalk for messaging, playing games, and doing video calling. In a way, you can call them sites like Kakaotalk.